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Self-Help Options

Self-help groups are an important and effective resource for recovery. Support groups provide advantages not available from other treatment methods. Vertava Health of Ohio offers multiple self-help groups to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more.

At Vertava Health of Ohio, we offer a variety of self-help groups for the benefit of patients. As part of our rehab program, you can choose to attend whichever group is right for you.

The self-help options available at Vertava Health of Ohio include:

  • 12-step programming
  • SMART Recovery
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Refuge Recovery

12-Step Programming (Alcoholics Anonymous And Narcotics Anonymous)

Which 12-step program you attend, including Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, depends on the nature of your addiction.

These programs are popular and represent one of the most well-known approaches to addiction self-help. 12-step programs are based on spiritual principles broken down into 12 specific steps you’re instructed to complete during your recovery.

The basic steps of the program includes:

  • Admitting a lack of power over alcohol.
  • Believing that a higher power can restore you to sanity.
  • Willfully turning your life over to a higher power.
  • Taking a complete, exhaustive moral inventory of yourself.
  • Admitting your wrongs to God, yourself, and someone else.
  • Readying yourself for God to remove your character defects.
  • Asking God to remove your shortcomings.
  • Making a list of people you have harmed and preparing to make amends.
  • Making amends with all wronged people if possible and appropriate.
  • Continuing to take a moral inventory and admitting new instances of wrongdoing.
  • Improving your relationship with God through prayer and meditation.
  • Passing on the messages and principles of the program to others as a result of a spiritual awakening related to your participation.

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SMART Recovery

The acronym “SMART” stands for “Self Management and Recovery Training.” SMART Recovery is a self-help option that uses scientifically backed methods to empower you and improve your lifestyle.

The focus of the program is on developing healthy coping methods for dealing with your everyday problems so you can resist turning to harmful addictive behaviors.

SMART Recovery promotes a 4-Point Program designed to facilitate lasting change. The four stages of the program include:

  • Developing the motivation to change and maintaining it.
  • Coping with your urges to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Dealing with your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors effectively and without using.
  • Living a healthy, balanced, and positive life.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is similar to a 12-step self-help group. However, while most 12-step programs allow you to work out your own understanding of God and your spirituality, Celebrate Recovery is Christ-centered.

During each Celebrate Recovery session, you can expect to meet in a large group before breaking into smaller groups. In smaller groups, you’ll be invited to share feelings, experiences, and support with one another.

The 12 steps followed during the Celebrate Recovery program are similar to the steps followed in a standard 12-step program.

Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery is an addiction recovery program constructed around Buddhist principles. This program is built on the idea that you have the power to free yourself from addiction.

During the program, you’ll proceed down a path to awakening, learning to rely on the power of the Dharma, as well as your own ability to live life in a non-harmful way.

Participants in the Refuge Recovery program learn to accept four truths of addiction:

  • Addiction causes suffering.
  • Addiction results from repetitive cravings.
  • Recovery is possible.
  • The path to recovery is available.

Refuge Recovery promotes a variety of practices to help you move down the path to recovery, including mindfulness, meditation, kindness, compassion, and appreciation.

Self-Help And Support At Vertava Health of Ohio

At Vertava Health of Ohio, we understand that self-help groups are not one-size-fits-all. For this reason, we offer a wide range of options for our patients. If you’re interested in participating in our inpatient rehab program, please contact Vertava Health of Ohio today to learn more.


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