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Group Therapy At Vertava Health of Ohio

Being in a group with others helps build a culture of healing and mutual support. Treatment professionals have used group therapy for many years as an important tool to strengthen your recovery efforts. At Vertava Health of Ohio, we offer a wide-range of group therapies.

Vertava Health of Ohio provides groups which can help you strengthen many areas of your health and life. Besides mental health and addiction education groups, we provide a full range of groups addressing your social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Our group therapies can help you heal holistically and maintain a strong recovery.

Groups That Strengthen Physical Health

Vertava Health of Ohio offers year-round outdoor activities and an active challenge therapy track. These physical therapies can help you reconnect with yourself and test your abilities. In addition to active therapeutic challenges, we also offers nutrition groups and wellness groups.

Nutrition groups help you understand how eating nutritious food supports your healing and recovery and which foods are best for your overall health.

Wellness groups focus on overall well-being, including your physical and emotional health.

Groups For Your Social And Family Functioning

Using drugs and alcohol will separate you from friends and family who don’t use. Parents have additional challenges, and substance use disorders can affect your parenting abilities.

At Vertava Health of Ohio, you can participate in groups to help your social and family functioning, including:

  • Coping Skills Groups
  • Life Skills Groups
  • A Balanced Life Group
  • Parenting Groups

Each of these groups can help strengthen your confidence and abilities in their respective areas.

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Groups For Substance Use And Behavioral Health

At Vertava Health of Ohio, we offer strong group therapy options for substance use disorders and behavioral health issues, including co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety.

Vertava Health of Ohio offers the following groups for substance use and behavioral health:

  • Mental Health Groups
  • Addiction Education Groups
  • Relapse Prevention Groups

What Benefits Does Group Therapy Offer?

Group therapy depends on skilled leaders who encourage group members to heal and recover. Therapy groups help to stabilize and support you during recovery.

Group therapy provides different support from individual therapy because it leverages the power of the group. At Vertava Health of Ohio, therapeutic groups offer benefits including:

  • healthy relationships with others in recovery
  • positive peer reinforcement
  • new or improved social skills
  • increased motivation for sobriety and treatment

Research suggests group therapy can sometimes be more effective than individual therapy for people suffering from addiction because of its social nature. Challenges like anxiety, isolation, denial, and shame are sometimes better addressed within a group setting.

What Types Of Groups Can Help In Recovery?

Not all group therapies are alike. Different therapeutic groups provide different goals. All therapeutic groups in substance use disorder treatment offer trained leaders who facilitate.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) identifies five types of groups that address a wide range of needs:

  • Psychoeducational groups: teaches information about drug and/or alcohol misuse.
    Skills development groups: helps you increase your sober living and coping skills.
  • Cognitive-behavioral groups: uses principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you change your behaviors and thinking that lead to substance use.
  • Support groups: acts as a forum for members to help each other make positive change.
    Interpersonal process groups: helps you to work through your past experiences and problems you may have been trying to escape through substance use.

Depending on the group, the leader can be someone who is also in recovery. Group leaders at Vertava Health of Ohio will be trained in the therapy model the group is using.

What Issues Can Group Therapy Help?

Some groups help you improve your ability to cope with the underlying reasons you use drugs or alcohol. Others help you cope with problems related to substance use, like conflict, anger, and isolation from family and friends.

Group therapies focus on skill-building and help you work through powerful feelings that you may not realize are intertwined with your substance use disorder. They may focus on specific needs, like survivors of adult or childhood trauma and abuse.

Other forms of group therapy help improve your spiritual and emotional health through techniques including meditation, yoga, and relaxation. Outdoor and adventure therapy offers a way for you to experience who you are in a drug- and alcohol-free natural setting.

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