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Case Management And Continuing Care Plans

Every patient is different and has a unique experience with addiction. For this reason, each patient’s treatment needs to be individualized during every phase of the process. To begin a treatment program tailored to your specific needs, please contact Vertava Health of Ohio.

Case management and continuing care plans are tools used to be sure each patient receives the best possible care and services.

Expert case management improves outcomes for patients actively involved in addiction treatment, while a solid continuing care plan reduces the risk of relapse after the patient leaves the program. Both of these tools are essential for a successful addiction treatment experience.

What Is Case Management?

Case management involves working directly with the patient and other people involved in the patient’s care to ensure that the treatment program is as effective as it can be.

The case manager will be responsible for understanding the specifics of the patient’s addiction and background to help design an effective treatment plan. They’ll remain involved throughout the process, evaluating the patient’s progress and making ongoing recommendations.

What Is A Continuing Care Plan?

A continuing care plan is a specific plan designed by experts at the treatment facility. It may also be called a recovery plan. The purpose of the plan is to recommend ongoing addiction recovery activities for the patient after they leave treatment.

This plan may also include other recommendations and are designed to keep the patient as healthy as possible. The goal of a continuing care plan is to provide the patient with the support they need to avoid relapse after the formal treatment program is complete.

Case Management At Vertava Health of Ohio

At Vertava Health of Ohio, we provide case management services to every patient who enrolls. At the beginning of the treatment process, each patient is assigned a case manager who will oversee their treatment from beginning to end.

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Some of the case manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Removing barriers to treatment: If there are any obstacles that will prevent the patient from completing the treatment program, the case manager will take steps to remove them.
  • Collaboration: In many cases, a variety of other people or organizations will be involved in a patient’s care. Examples include courts, probation officers, and employers. Case managers work with all of these stakeholders for the benefit of the patient.
  • Developing a recovery plan: Case managers work together with therapists, family members, and other supportive people to design an in-depth continuing care plan that’s based on the patient’s specific needs.

The case managers at Vertava Health of Ohio have access to a large network of providers and other resources that can be used to support patients in treatment. Our primary goal is to make sure every patient who enrolls in a program at Vertava Health of Ohio has the best possible chances of making a full recovery.

Continuing Care Plans At Vertava Health of Ohio

At Vertava Health of Ohio, we believe a carefully constructed continuing care plan can make all the difference for our program graduates.

Our continuing care plans are developed in collaboration with therapists, case managers, patients, family members, and anyone else who provides support outside the treatment facility.

Whenever possible, we aim to meet the NIDA’s standards for the ideal consecutive treatment length (90 days), so we do our best to create a continuing care plan that complies with this recommendation.

Every continuing care plan we create is different and will vary based on the specific needs of the patient and their family. However, some of the follow-up treatment options and recommendations that are often incorporated into continuing care plans include:

  • primary care physician appointments
  • appointments with a psychiatrist or other mental health professionals
  • individual therapy appointments
  • family therapy appointments
  • involvement in community organizations
  • 12-step meetings and peer support groups
  • education plans
  • transportation plans
  • sober living arrangements

When patients decide not to return to their previous home after treatment in order to further develop independent living and recovery skills, case managers will work with the patient to find a transitional program that’s best for them.

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