Strongsville, Ohio Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

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Strongsville, Ohio Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

If you’re struggling to stop using drugs and alcohol and live in Strongsville, you can find help to quit. A variety of treatment options are available in Cuyahoga County, but contact Vertava Health of Ohio to access treatment in a peaceful and quiet location near Atwood Lake.

Finding Addiction Treatment In Strongsville, OH

Look for medically assisted detox programs, outpatient treatment, and residential rehab programs near Strongsville in Cleveland. Other services, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are available throughout Cuyahoga County.

You can find additional resources throughout Ohio, including a comprehensive residential treatment program at Vertava Health of Ohio in Sherrodsville.

Medically Assisted Detox Programs

Withdrawal symptoms during detox include vomiting, chills, fever, dehydration, and other potential health risks. Depending on the substance you have been dependent upon, you can experience strong cravings in addition to flu-like symptoms.

Medically assisted detox programs offer safe, FDA-approved drugs that can ease withdrawal. They also include medical monitoring and supervision.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Residential or inpatient treatment provides a safe and supportive environment to recover from substance use disorders. These programs provide evidence-based therapy, education, and a therapeutic community that is oriented toward healing.

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Inpatient programs can specialize in treating specific populations, including men, women, adolescents, and pregnant women. A residential program provides individualized treatment and offers a continuum of care to help you stop using drugs or alcohol and enter a lasting recovery.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Outpatient rehab programs meet in the community. They can help you recover if you have a sober living arrangement and support at home.

Outpatient programs offer evidence-based individual and group counseling. They can also include education about health and substance use disorders. They can meet two times a week up to daily. Daily programs may also be called partial hospitalization programs (PHPs).

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Using FDA-approved drugs like naltrexone and buprenorphine, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is becoming better-known, especially for opioid use disorders.

MAT combines group and individual therapy and sober living support with the evidence-based medications. MAT can help you to heal from substance use as you strengthen other aspects of your life. MAT programs can also address severe alcohol use disorders.

Aftercare Planning

You may benefit from individual psychotherapy or be more comfortable in a group therapy setting. Or, you may enjoy meeting with an ongoing support group of other people who are in recovery, including alumni from your rehab program.

After you complete rehab, you are embarking on a lifelong journey of continued healing. At Vertava Health of Ohio, you’ll receive a comprehensive recovery plan to support you after the program.

Paying For Treatment

Ohio drug and alcohol treatment programs will accept private payment, and some may offer payment plans or discounts. You’ll also find that most rehab programs accept private insurance plans.

Ohio’s opioid crisis has resulted in several options for assessment and treatment of opioid use disorders through state-funded programs. If you need help to pay for treatment, you can reach out to family and friends. Crowdfunding websites are one way you can raise the money as well.

Substance Abuse Trends In Strongsville And Cuyahoga County, Ohio

More than 660 people died of an unintentional drug overdose in Cuyahoga County in the first six months of 2019, on track to outpace the 2017 record of 727 overdose deaths.

Other facts include:

  • Over 180 people died of a heroin overdose in Cuyahoga County between January and June 2010.
  • A total of 369 people died of a cocaine overdose in Cuyahoga County in the first six months of 2019.
  • Cuyahoga County’s rates of overdose death from multiple drugs declined between 2017 and 2018, but all drugs showed an increase in the first six months of 2019.
  • Carfentanil, fentanyl, heroin, prescription drugs, and cocaine all led to more overdose deaths with 2019 set to become a record year for overdose deaths in the region.

Vertava Health of Ohio Rehab In Sherrodsville, Ohio

Slightly over an hour and a half southeast of Strongsville, Vertava Health of Ohio provides a beautiful natural environment for healing and recovery.

We use evidence-based therapy to provide drug and alcohol rehab programs for young adults and older adults. Blending traditional treatment methods with innovative new methods, Vertava Health of Ohio provides individualized care for substance use disorders.

To learn more about our stunning campus is located beside Atwood Lake, contact us today.


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