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Lancaster, Ohio Alcohol And Drug Rehab

After you make the choice to overcome addiction, it’s crucial to have support and suitable treatment. Knowing more about the options you have in and near Lancaster helps ensure that you’ll find the right addiction treatment program. Contact Vertava Health of Ohio today.

Finding Addiction Treatment In Lancaster, OH

It’s not enough to find addiction treatment programs. You’ll also need to make sure you choose one that offers effective care. Look for rehab programs that provide individualized approaches to recovery and periodic adjustments to treatment plans.

Individualized care means you’ll only receive services that truly fit your needs. Adjustments to treatment plans help ensure that you continue getting the right kind of care throughout your rehab program.

Medically Assisted Detox Programs

When you don’t drink or use drugs anymore, your body needs a chance to adjust. This withdrawal process can cause several effects on your body and brain, which can be difficult or even unsafe to go through on your own.

Medically assisted or supervised detox programs offer a safe way to cope with these symptoms while also lowering your risk of going back to alcohol or drugs.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment has you live in a residential facility that has supervision on a 24-hour basis. Teams of nurses, doctors, therapists, and other professionals provide you with care regularly throughout your stay.

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Inpatient addiction programs provide peer support and behavioral therapies. You might also have access to life skills training or educational classes on addiction. Inpatient treatment centers also offer recreational activities and amenities as well, such as massage therapy or a volleyball court.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

If you have a moderate or mild addiction, you might not need inpatient care. Outpatient care might suit your situation better, especially if you’re expected to keep working during treatment.

With outpatient care, you’ll live at home during treatment and only come in for group and individual therapy sessions. These may take place a few times a week with traditional outpatient care or occur multiple times a week with partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient care.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

If you have an opioid or alcohol addiction, you should check for available medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs.

MAT programs offer a combination of counseling and medication. Medications, such as methadone, are used for easing side effects of withdrawal and reducing cravings. Counseling helps you understand addiction and develop recovery skills for sober living.

Aftercare Planning

You can still get care and support after finishing an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment program. With aftercare planning, you’ll receive ongoing support in various ways depending on what you need.

This might mean having access to sober living housing or educational assistance or joining a 12-step program. Other aftercare services might include recovery coaching or community resources.

Paying For Treatment

The overall cost you’ll pay for a rehab program depends in part on whether or not you have private health insurance. With a private insurance plan, you might only be responsible for paying some of the costs if you have partial coverage or no costs if you have full coverage.

You might also have other options for payment, such as setting up a payment plan with the facility or using a sliding fee scale based on your income.

Substance Abuse Trends In Lancaster And Fairfield County, Ohio

There have been some problems with alcohol and drug abuse in Fairfield County in recent years, including overdose fatalities.

Facts from Fairfield County include:

  • In 2016, Fairfield County had a rate of 73.5 opioid prescriptions per 100 individuals.
  • Roughly 19 percent of Fairfield County adults self-reported binge drinking in 2016.
  • There were 23 unintentional drug overdose fatalities in Fairfield County in 2016.
  • In 2017, the county recorded 43 drug-related overdose deaths.
  • In 2017, Fairfield County had a rate of 62.5 opioid prescriptions per 100 individuals.

Vertava Health of Ohio Rehab In Sherrodsville, Ohio

Vertava Health of Ohio, located about 120 miles from Lancaster close to Atwood Lake, offers inspiring views of nature and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors as part of our active challenge therapies.

Our campus offers hiking and other outdoor activities, as well as music and art therapy. Our other services for recovery include detox programs, dialectical behavior therapy, co-occurring treatment disorder, and family support.

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