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Dublin, Ohio Alcohol And Drug Rehab

If you’re looking for alcohol and drug rehab in or near Dublin, Ohio, there are a few things to consider. From inpatient care to aftercare services, learn more about different recovery options across Ohio.

Finding Addiction Treatment In Dublin, Ohio

You can find inpatient treatment, outpatient care, and detox services within a reasonable distance of Dublin. The right treatment program for you will depend on how much oversight you need and how severe your addiction is, as well as other individual factors.

Medically Assisted Detox Programs

Detox is available to give your body a safe path toward clean living. However, detox can be dangerous if you choose the wrong program.

If you experience harsh symptoms, such as extreme nausea or heart palpitations, it helps to be in a residential or hospital setting rather than relying on an outpatient program.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment gives you a place to live while you go through recovery. The point is for staff to help patients and for patients to help each other.

The constant peer support and professional counseling can be a winning combination for people who want to ditch their old habits for good.

Programs are designed with a rigid structure that expects full compliance from the patient. Your day-to-day schedule will consist of a combination of behavioral therapies, group therapies, recreational activities, and other recovery support services.

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Outpatient Rehab Programs

Outpatient treatment allows you to continue with your everyday life because you can live at home and keep working or going to school. These programs are recommended for mild or moderate addiction.

Due to a demanding schedule, it’s also recommended that you have unfailing support from family and friends at home, as well as reliable transportation.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) involves the combination of FDA-approved medications and behavioral therapy, counseling, and peer support. MAT is a specialized option for severe opioid or alcohol use disorders.

If you’re interested in this service, you’ll work with a physician at Vertava Health of Ohio to determine what prescriptions to take and when.

Aftercare Planning

True recovery is ongoing for those who struggle with addiction, and there’s no shame in accepting help after you’ve finished a formal program.

Assistance may come in the form of 12-step support, community programs, or sober living facilities. At Vertava Health of Ohio, your aftercare planning will consist of follow-up appointments and a variety of treatment services.

Paying For Treatment

To pay for treatment in Dublin, it’s recommended you try your private health insurance carrier first. Many insurance companies have become more generous with addiction treatment, especially considering the extent of the opioid crisis.

You can also work out a payment plan with your facility or call upon crowdsourcing websites to offset or cover costs. Sites like GoFundMe can be especially useful for incidental expenses (copays or deductibles) that arise during treatment.

Substance Abuse Trends In Dublin And Franklin/Union/Delaware Counties, Ohio

Dublin’s spanned counties, Franklin, Union, and Delaware, have reported the following numbers:

  • In 2017, there were 413, 10, and 28 unintentional overdose deaths in Franklin, Union, and Delaware Counties, respectively.
  • Fentanyl accounted for nearly three-quarters of all deaths both in Franklin County and across the state.
  • In 2018, 22 percent of survey respondents admitted to binge drinking in Union County.

Dublin County has not released specific recent statistics, but they have called upon the community to raise awareness.

Vertava Health of Ohio Rehab In Sherrodsville, Ohio

Vertava Health of Ohio is located about 2.25 hours away from Dublin. Set along quiet Atwood Lake, our facility provides world-class care to patients who are ready to start a new life.

We have several levels of care available, giving you a chance to customize your recovery as you pave the way to wellness. Open to both men and women, Vertava Health of Ohio was designed to offer people a hand up in a natural (and healing) setting.

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