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Peoria, Illinois Addiction Treatment

Families seeking addiction treatment in the city of Peoria, Illinois have rehab options available. Other treatment choices, including our facility in East Central Ohio, are available outside the local area. Contact us to learn more about Vertava Health of Ohio today.

Addiction Treatment Options In Peoria, Illinois

It’s essential to work with a treatment provider that understands that addiction is a disease that can affect people differently. Ideally, you want a program that offers evidence-based treatment options and other activities that promote healthy living skills.

For example, at Vertava Health of Ohio, all of our treatment methods are based on an initial assessment. This assessment helps us create a treatment plan that’s unique to your needs.

As you search for programs in your area or beyond, consider different treatment types, from medically supervised detox programs to aftercare services.

Medically Supervised Detox Programs

Medically supervised detox provides comfort care and supervision for withdrawal. When you use drugs or drink alcohol, your body can build up a dependence. When that use stops, you can experience unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening side effects.

Detox programs can help you manage these effects. For a few days, you’ll receive hospital-like supervision during withdrawal. You may also have access to medication.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Residential or inpatient care provides you with a live-in facility where you have full-time care. While in treatment, you can expect a variety of treatment approaches, including individual therapy and peer group sessions.

Inpatient treatment is a practical choice for someone who needs 24-supervision to help with the early days of recovery. It’s also an excellent chance to live and work with others who understand the challenges you face.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient drug rehab means you travel to a treatment facility on a schedule. How often will depend on the level of treatment you need.

Someone in an intensive outpatient program may get therapy daily or spend most of their day in treatment. Other levels of care might mean meeting with a group two or three times a week.

Outpatient treatment offers more flexibility, but this approach also requires you to have a robust support system that can help monitor your progress.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) uses medication along with behavioral modification counseling to help you better manage addiction.

The combination of the two can curb urges to use the drug while helping you break patterns that escalate your substance use. MAT is only available for opioid or alcohol use disorder.

Aftercare Planning

Once you leave a treatment center, it will likely be necessary to receive continuing care. Aftercare planning creates a strategy that helps support your transition back to day-to-day life. Aftercare may involve 12-step support, recovery coaching, sober-living housing, or more.

Paying For Addiction Treatment

First, look closely at your health insurance benefits. You may find your insurance provider covers the majority of the costs, especially if you purchase your policy from the marketplace.

Next, consider if you can turn to family or friends for help. You might consider setting up a donation website so that others can chip in towards treatment.

Finally, talk to someone at the treatment facility. They may have funding options there like grants, low-interest loans, or a payment plan.

Substance Abuse Trends In Peoria And Peoria County, Illinois

A 2019 healthcare assessment from Peoria and Peoria County shows that substance abuse is one of the four top concerns in this area. Consider some data that supports this view:

  • Peoria County is one of the significant contributors to the state opioid overdose death rates. Most high populated areas in Illinois have an opioid problem.
  • Peoria County is in region 3, which reports the second-highest number of deaths, averaging between 20 to 99 in 2016.
  • Illinois recorded over 1,800 overdose deaths that year.

Vertava Health of Ohio In Sherrodsville, Ohio

You’ll find Vertava Health of Ohio, a residential treatment program in Ohio, to be an exciting blend of comfort and care. Our program provides a calm environment along with evidence-based treatment methods.

While at our facility, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views, large spacious dining areas, and private rooms. Residents take part in daily activities like group sessions and also undergo individual assessments and care planning.

To learn more about our retreat-like atmosphere and innovative treatment, contact us today.


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