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Manning, Iowa Addiction Treatment

Knowing more about your rehab program options in and around Manning can help you find the right one for recovery. If you’re interested in a resort-like option in rural Ohio, reach out to Vertava Health of Ohio today.

Addiction Treatment Options In Manning, Iowa

When you look at various options for rehab, you should check for programs that include several services instead of treatment services only. For example, some places offer life skills services, such as nutritional education or vocational training.

These kinds of services can help you work on improving your quality of life and health overall, which is important for lasting recovery. Vertava Health of Ohio offers many services, including life skills services, at a retreat-like campus in Ohio that isn’t far from Manning.

Medically Supervised Detox Programs

You might consider a medically monitored or assisted detox program if you want to make sure you’re safe during withdrawal. The withdrawal process can be harsh for some people and cause serious side effects or cravings.

Medically assisted detox programs are set up to make this phase a bit easier and more comfortable. After a detox program, which typically doesn’t last long, you’ll be ready to begin a treatment program.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient programs provide a significant amount of support from both peers and professionals, such as social workers, nurses, counselors, and doctors. You’ll have practical treatment from professionals and emotional support from your peers.

Inpatient rehab programs offer behavioral therapy, group therapy, education, stress management classes, and relapse prevention. Your inpatient facility might also have amenities and recreational activities, such as a fitness center, games, volleyball, swimming, and walking trails.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient rehab programs don’t require you to live at a facility for weeks at a time. You’ll live at home and only have to come in for behavioral counseling throughout the week.

This can mean coming in for a few sessions per week with standard care, or coming in for several sessions per week with intensive care or day treatment. Remember, outpatient care is only recommended if you have reliable support at home.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

You should look into medication-assisted treatment (MAT) options if you’re struggling with an alcohol or opioid addiction. Since these addictions have higher rates of relapse, it’s important to have specialized care.

MAT programs offer this kind of care with a combination of therapy sessions and medication, such as Suboxone or Vivitrol, which helps reduce severe symptoms and cravings.

Aftercare Planning

You should make sure that the facility you go to offers aftercare planning. This kind of care differs at each facility, but it should offer ongoing support.

Depending on where you go, your aftercare plan might include ongoing group therapy with your peers, joining a 12-step program, getting into recovery housing, or connecting with a recovery coach.

Paying For Addiction Treatment

When you need to pay for rehab services, you should check your insurance policy. Private health insurance plans sometimes cover addiction services in some ways. However, expect to cover some of the cost out-of-pocket as well.

You can also explore other options for payment, such as using a Medicaid or Medicare plan if you’re eligible. Some facilities also let you work out a payment plan based on your financial situation, or offer sliding fee scales.

Substance Abuse Trends In Manning And Carroll County, Iowa

Carroll County has had some problems with substance abuse over the past few years, including excessive drinking and higher rates of opioid prescriptions. Facts from Carroll County include:

  • Around 21 percent of adults in Carroll County engaged in binge drinking in 2016.
  • The rate of opioid prescriptions in Carroll County in 2016 was 99.3 per 100 individuals.
  • In 2017, the rate of opioid prescriptions in Carroll County was 87.8 per 100 individuals.

Vertava Health of Ohio In Sherrodsville, Ohio

At Vertava Health of Ohio, which is located within a reasonable distance of Manning, you can take part in traditional and non-traditional forms of therapy for addiction recovery.

We have several programs and services available for individualized treatment, including adventure therapy, experiential therapy, behavioral therapy, and trauma-informed therapy.

Our campus also has amenities for indoor and outdoor recreation, such as indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness center, lounges with TVs, and indoor games. To learn more, contact us today.


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