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Lafayette, Indiana Addiction Treatment

If you’re looking for addiction treatment facilities in Lafayette, Indiana, you have inpatient and outpatient options available. Contact Vertava Health of Ohio today to learn about our residential option in Ohio.

Addiction Treatment Options In Lafayette, Indiana

Addiction is a disease that changes the chemistry of the brain to make the urge to use drugs or alcohol almost impossible to ignore. It affects people differently, which is why researching a treatment program is so important.

Look for a facility that does a comprehensive assessment when you check-in, so you know they offer the services you need. This assessment, which is conducted at Vertava Health of Ohio, also determines your individualized care plan, which can range from detox support to aftercare services.

Medically Supervised Detox Programs

Detox is often the first stage of treatment. It allows you to withdraw from alcohol or drugs comfortably. Drug use creates dependence, and that leads to withdrawal, which can be unpleasant and unsafe.

Detox programs provide you with a hospital-like environment that comes with full-time comfort care and support. Medications may be used to alleviate symptoms and keep you safe.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient or residential care allows you to live in a structured setting with others also working towards recovery. You can expect to attend both individual and group therapy sessions.

Many programs also offer drug education courses and lifestyle help like nutrition counseling. They provide ways to help you relax, too, like mediation and regular exercise. At Vertava Health of Ohio, we offer a host of activities and therapies to help guide you through recovery.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient treatment means you travel to the facility regularly to get the help you need. This is a better option for some because it provides a more flexible schedule. It’s not the right choice for everyone, though, because it requires a reliable support system to make it work.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an innovative approach to opioid and alcohol treatment. With this program, you take medications that help curb cravings or make drinking alcohol unpleasant.

At the same time, you attend counseling sessions that help modify your behavior. MAT programs last at least a year and, for some, much longer.

Aftercare Planning

Aftercare planning means determining what kind of support you can expect to have once you leave a primary treatment program.

Many facilities offer aftercare services that help you transition back into your routine without drug or alcohol use. This can include helping you find housing or a job. Services may also include recovery coaching, sober-living housing, and 12-step support.

Paying For Addiction Treatment

How you pay for addiction treatment is a significant concern for many. The first place to look for funding is with your health insurance provider. Most programs offer substance abuse treatment benefits, although you may have to share in the cost of the care.

If you don’t have insurance or can’t afford the copays, consider other options like dipping into your savings or maybe borrowing against a retirement fund. You might also be able to work out a payment plan with the treatment facility.

Substance Abuse Trends In Lafayette And Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Lafayette and Tippecanoe County have a mix of drug issues that include heroin, opioids, alcohol, and meth. Consider some facts from this area:

  • Substance use is the top concern in the county and one of the health department’s primary focuses. The county is concerned they lack the resources to deal with the mental health crisis in the area, which is also a concern since it can contribute to drug use.
  • In 2019, 11 people overdosed on drugs in Tippecanoe County in just 24-hours.

Vertava Health of Ohio In Sherrodsville, Ohio

Vertava Health of Ohio is an inpatient program located about six hours from the city of Lafayette, Indiana. Our name comes for the breathtaking views of the local bluffs and rock waterfall.

Our facility offers you a resort-like atmosphere along with clinically proven treatment options such as cognitive behavior therapy and EMDR.

We also feature detox support, individualized care plans, and dual diagnosis treatment for those with underlying mental health concerns. To learn more about Vertava Health of Ohio, contact us today.


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